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What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020


The term artificial intelligence is known as the ‘virtual perception’ of human beings. It can also be described as machine learning. In the year 1950, Alan Turing conducted the “Turing test” to check the intelligence of computer. Later in 1956, John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence”.A.I is basically an artificial neural network used in the process of problem solving to find the exact solution.

The process can be broadly classified into 5 steps:

1) Data i/o

2) Data manipulation

3) Trained & modified

4) Data testing

5) Data o/p

Fig 1.1 Virtual Transmission

A.I plays an important role in major sectors such as Robotics, Data mining, Logistics, Cyber security, Speech & face recognition. Another milestone in A.I is the invention of “SOPHIA” -1st humanoid robot to attain the full citizenship of Saudi Arabia and was created by David Hanson.

The future aspects of artificial intelligence mainly focus on War bots, Health care(surgery), Self-driving cars, Virtual reality gadgets and lot more

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