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Tree Plantation ☘

Updated: Aug 2, 2020


Tree plantation means planting more trees in a planned way. It is basically the procedure of moving tree seedlings from their original place and planting them elsewhere for different purposes. Trees are our best friends, it also provides us with oxygen, shelter, shade, foods, fruits etc. There are some plants which can be used as Medicine. It creates more hygenic and cooling atmosphere. They help our environment in many ways by preventing from soil erosion and makes our land fertile.

Why Tree Plantation?

In today’s world, the quality of our living environment became deteriorated. Our target is to bring about noticeable improvements in urban greenery through active planting, proper maintenance and preservation of trees. A country should have at least 25% forest lands,but there is no such sufficient forest lands are available in our country. Some of the forests are shrunken due to Deforestation. People should be conscious about planting more trees. This topic will create awareness about tree plantation and helps in maintaining ecological balance.

Fig 4.1 Importance of Trees

  • To encourage the people about Tree Plantation and conservation

  • Organizing campaigns to create awareness among general public and also implementing Agro-Farming

  • Minimizing the harmful effects of Global Warming

  • Uplifting environmental standards by implementing greenery revolution

  • To promote the importance of natural resources

  • Motivate everyone in the society to think independently and realize their own innate potentials

Finding out the problem

Due to industrialization, the amount of air pollution caused by smoke, which are emitted from vehicles and factories are in enormous level. It depreciates the nature of our environment and it can be controlled by Planting more trees. Trees also absorb various harmful gases including sulphur dioxide (SO2) , carbon monoxide (CO) and also filter harmful pollutants from the atmosphere thereby providing us fresher and cleaner air to breath.

Distribution of Tree Plantation skills,

Fig 4.2 Tree Plantation skills of various age groups

  • Development of wastelands into productive assets by the plantation of fruit trees.

  • Raising nursery to increase tree plantation.

  • Distribution of tree samplings to promote Green Revolution.

  • Establishment of “Task force on Tree management”.

  • Incorporate planting elements into works projects,by increasing planting cultures along roadside amenity areas and in expressways.

  • Carry out planting and beautification works at priority sites in the urban areas. (i.e, key promenades, public housing estates, footbridges and pedestrian zones)

  • Provide vegetation on man-made slopes.


A man has to breath 3 full cylinders of oxygen (O2) per day. Imagine the amount of air required for billions of people around the world to be consumed for their entire life span. Without any expectations, trees give us free oxygen and it’s our duty to protect the natural elixir of life. Both government and private sectors should come forward to raise the consciousness among people about the importance of tree plantation.

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