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How to Write a Blog - Beginner's Guide

A blog can serve you with a variety of purposes such as promoting a brand or business, providing valuable insights, showcase your expertise on a particular field, or perhaps just to share random thoughts and musings. Once you set up your blog on a blogging platform, all you need is a post to get you started.

Here is a step-by-step guide to write an exceptional blog post:

1. Choose a niche – It’s important to write about something you like so make a list of topics that interest you. The topics can be fashion, technology, sports, entertainment, music, photography so on! A post is going to be interesting if you write something you are passionate about.

2. Attention-grabbing headline – Your blog headline is the first thing that your audience is going to read. If it sounds plain and boring, chances are, no one’s going to read the blog. For example, if your post is about summer outfits, the headline could be something like “Top 10 outfits to beat the heat.

3. Plan it but don’t overthink it – Spending too much time thinking isn’t going to amount to anything. Once you pick a topic, just start typing – an outline, bullet points, incomplete sentences, anything. At first, it may seem impossible if you have no words in your head but once your hands touch the keys, the words and sentences automatically start flowing.

4. Keep it simple – While writing, you may be tempted to use words that sound sophisticated. But the main aim is to make your blog understandable. While it’s okay to use words such as “uncomplicated” or “straightforward” instead of “easy” or “gigantic” or “immense” instead of “big,” make sure the words don’t sound pretentious or too flowery.

5. Your audience – If your blog post is going to be about technology, chances are it’s not going to be read-only by tech-savvy people. Keeping that in mind, be as less technical as possible.

6. Less is more – A long sentence with too many words is a sure way to lose a reader’s attention. Simplify your sentences as much as possible while making it comprehensible at the same time. Use bullet points. Even while adding pictures, avoid overcrowding.

7. Proofread – This one cannot be stressed enough. Once you’re done, read your work again and again and again. If a sentence sounds wrong in your head, read it aloud and rephrase it. If a word sounds out of place, change it. If a phrase looks misplaced, rearrange it. Keep editing.

8. Get a second opinion – While they say you’re your best (and worst) critic, don’t hesitate to ask a friend to read your blog. You may not only get important feedback but also important tips that you can use for future blog posts.

9. Use SEO - To get more traffic, use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by incorporating relevant keywords within your blog. This way your blog has a higher chance of appearing in search results.

Don’t worry about creating an amazing blog post on your first attempt itself. Learn and write as much as you can. The first go might not always be a hit but keep practicing and you’ll get your masterpiece recognized soon.

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