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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Mobile App Industry?

Artificial Intelligence has always been an area of exploration. We accomplish our daily needs using this advanced technology. Be it our daily lives or business, AI has been a great help to the developers and data scientists, to ease the usage of AI technology as much as possible in the IT sector for better growth and attain desired goals.

In this hi-tech world, AI and machine learning have their mutual roots with data. Data is the most vital entity that almost every business requires these days. AI has revolutionized the way of data used in every field. Gone are the times when the user expectations were met only by knowing them first.

AI algorithms help businesses to meet the demands of their customers to a greater extent. Innovators are always ready to include some new and amazing features into their apps to make their audience engaged. By the end of 2025, it has been estimated that the trade value will exceed $89 billion.

So what makes AI so influencing? Listed below are some valuable insights that explain how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we look at our future.

· Enables Personalisation

Artificial Intelligence has completely shifted the way we used to use apps. With some top-end built-in AI algorithms, every app is making some good profit. Be it Naïve Bayes or linear regression, every app using these algorithms which have gained them success in earlier days like Spotify.

Does anyone think about getting a personalized playlist more flexible? That’s because of the induction of AI in the global market. The playlist is created by tracking user’s likes and dislikes. With this advanced technology, Spotify has around 271 million monthly active users.

Many weight tracking apps have also gained so much reputation as HealthifyMe, it is a highly personalized app that helps the user to track their calorie intake. With the premium version available, the app also creates a diet plan according to the user’s needs.

· Advanced Search Engine Experience

The user’s experience has improved since AI has gained a reputation. The approach of getting the searches optimized has proven to be of great help. The user now has full control over their search engine and can train it to recommend the products related to their search. This technology has been of great help to businesses running worldwide. Creating awareness about their brand and getting potential users was never an easy task.

· Improved Market Forecasting

Back in those days, collecting so much data and then analyzing it to meet the expectations of the user was a tedious task while doing manually. Today, as AI is reaching heights, maintaining data has proved to be an easy job. Many powerful apps offer surveys that collect information about the users’ requirements.

· Security

AI is a boon to humankind, with advanced face lock identification and detection in several apps, the user can get a more personalized and secure environment. In this way, the user is comfortable sharing their information with the app and the people surrounding them.

Many apps offer facial lock features such as Snapchat and Instagram. With advanced AI algorithms, the system can identify its users in dim or bright light.

· Users Satisfaction

With the rapid growth in the AI sector, many developers are using some great algorithms to meet the demand of the user. The queries related to the product if the user is not satisfied are also made clear with the use of Apps.

Businesses can expand worldwide using some of the great features this technology offers. For the overall satisfaction of the user, many people add apps along with AI to connect with the user.

· IoT and AI

Both Internet Of Things and Artificial intelligence have changed the way we look at the world. AI helps in increasing the user's satisfaction concerning the device that runs on IoT. An example of this technology is Tesla’s self-driving cars that have shaped the future of mankind to another level.

With the help of advanced AI, these cars can predict the behavior of the pedestrians as well as the road conditions. The scope of AI and IoT together keeps on expanding day by day. They help in making more precise decisions by analyzing the data user provides.

Final Thoughts

Over the past few decades, AI has proven to be a great way of expanding the business and keeping on track with user demands. With more growth in this sector, app developers will be having a hard time maintaining the requirements due to its complexity.

Developers are doing a great job by adding AI to their apps, making them more versatile. Almost every 3 out of 4 apps are creating an environment that is user friendly and helping to make an impact. With every bit of information available to date AI has become a boon to the Mobile Apps Industry.

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