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Basics of Data Science

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is the study of flow of information which includes combination of unstructured data’s, algorithms and technology for solving analytical problems. It is responsible for unlocking different patterns from raw data. Data Science mainly focus on building a framework and determines the future of Artificial Intelligence.

There will be large amount of data flooded all over the world and it’s important to segregate them according to various needs, that’s where data science comes into play. Data science has various branches like Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

The key components of DS are,

1. Types of data – Dataset are available in different forms like Structured (Tabular) and unstructured (image, pdf) data.

2. Programs – Data Analysis using computer programs. Python & R are the most prominent languages.

3. Statistics – Extraction and interpretation of data can be done with the help of Statistical information.

Fig 6.1 Indulge yourself with Data

Machine learning

It is based on algorithms like Regression and classification methods. In this fast paced - environment it gives prediction about various information that are tend to be more precious.

Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence is known as the ‘virtual perception’ of human beings. A.I plays an important role in various sectors such as Robotics, Data mining, Logistics, Cyber security, Speech & face recognition.

Data Analysis

The way of critical thinking and providing solution with some analytical ability. It also manipulates data with in-depth analysis and overviews the quality of data.

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